Elizabeth is an asthma patient

“I was diagnosed around 1983, after having breathing problems when in contact with perfume, gas fumes, paint, dust and some household cleaners. I was given an inhaler to use when needed by a family doctor. Dosage: one puff when needed, up to four times a day.

“When I came to see Dr. Wang, I wasn’t in too good shape. My breathing was labored; I was not able to take a breath easily. My voice was very hoarse due to use of the puffer. Also I would get a reaction of feeling very shaky from using the puffer. My hands would physically be shaking.

“Dr. Wang started me on treatment right away in her office. After a week, everything started to feel normal again. It was the first time in about two years that my lungs felt normal (no tightness) and it’s been that way ever since. Since seeing Dr. Wang I have had no need to seek medical help. In the future, if I need medical help I will see her again.”



Mary is a patient with bursitis. She is very happy now, because the treatment she accepted from the Natural healing Centre solved her problems.

“Hi! My name is Mary and I would like to tell people about how sick I was the first three-and-a-half months last year. The first week of January last year I had a pinched nerve in my left leg (groin). I had that for about a month, and then on February 5, I awoke about four in the morning to find I wasn’t even able to get out of bed. My arms were so stiff and paining I couldn’t move.

“I went to see my Doctor; she sent me for blood work and x-rays, I even had 10 sessions of physiotherapy treatment. No one could figure out what the problem was. After my physiotherapy, they did an assessment and the next morning, I couldn’t move the right arm or leg. My husband had to dress me and help me with everything for all that time.

“On April 2, a family friend told me about Dr. Wang and on April 14, I went to visit her. After my first visit she told me I had bursitis. My treatment started that day and that night I slept the first night in three-and-a-half months.

“The treatment began with 20 minutes for each shoulder under a heat lamp. Then Dr. Wang scraped both arms from the shoulders to the elbows with a spoon. I was black from the shoulders right down to the elbow when she was done.

“Dr. Wang told me she was removing the inflammation that had built up between the joints. I couldn’t believe how well it worked! Within three days, I was able to dress myself and do a lot of things that I hadn’t been able to do in months. I also had a few treatments with different herbs which she mixed together, put on my arms and then covered with saran wrap. When I was sent home, I left the herbal mixture on for three hours and then washed it off.

“Dr. Wang’s treatment helped me so much I haven’t had a pain or ache since. I had 10 of these treatments. After a week or so, all the bruising and black left my arms; they went back to their natural color and I was on the way to good health.”



Here is a patient with high cholesterol problem


“I am a 55-year-old male who has family history of heart disease and a high cholesterol problem. When I was first diagnosed with high cholesterol five years ago my overall cholesterol level was 11.8; my triglycerides were 21, my HDL was 1.1 and my LDL was unable to be calculated. My family doctor referred me to the Health Sciences Lipid Disorders Clinic. As a result of my evaluation at the Lipid Disorders Clinic, I was put on a daily dosage of 200 mg of fenofibrate lipidil micro.

“With changes in my diet and the lipidil micro, my overall cholesterol level came down to between 6 and 7; my LDL reading was between 3.5 and 4.4 and my HDL reading was between 0.80 and 0.88,. However these readings had not improved over the past four years and I was becoming concerned about the long-range effects of elevated cholesterol levels and the possible side effects of prolonged use of the lipidil micro.

“In January of 1988, I began taking E. Excel products to improve my cholesterol levels. I continued with the lipidil micro medication but added the Circle to my daily routine. My LDL level began to drop. After a second blood test showed that my LDL had dropped even further, I stopped using the lipidil micro and began taking Circle and Herba. I have been taking the Herba and Circle for the past four months and my cholesterol readings are the lowest they have ever been. As of August, 1998, my overall cholesterol is now 5.13; LDL is 1.34; HDL is 0.74 and the triglyceride level is 6.6.

“I am very pleased with the results that I have experienced using the E. Excel products and I no longer have to worry about the long-range side effects of using fenofibrate.”



Jean has bone spurs on her heel. She finds the Natural Healing Centre is the place she was looking for

“In the fall of 1997, I was experiencing excruciating pain in my left heel. I had consulted my family physician and had followed all the usual methods of dealing with that sort of problem-that of spurs on my foot. I had purchased the inserts for shoes, changed the size of shoe I wore, but nothing worked. I was desperate. The next step was the needle in the foot, but as I am terrified of needles, I had to find an alternative cure.


“This is where the Natural Healing Centre, run by Dr. Shengli Wang comes into the picture. I went to see her and was immediately impressed by her professionalism and her natural charm. She proceeded to use a herbal concoction, plus the heat from a specialized lamp and after a few treatments my foot was healed and I have had no problems since. Dr. Wang offers a genuine concern for the total well-being of her patients and she listens intently and remembers everything. Her knowledge of natural medicine is just fantastic. I believe in her method of healing totally. The atmosphere she creates is one of genuine concern for you and everything about you is important to her.

“Last year I hurt my back and after consulting two doctors and taking different kinds of pills, I again got no results and knew I had to return to Dr. Wang. She again worked her magic with her herbal treatment. I was at the point that if I bent over more than once at a particular job, I would end up in back pain. She ascertained that I had hurt the muscles around the disc in the back. I took only tiny steps when I walked and a long walk was out of the question. She has cured my back as well. She has also assisted me with my weight and overall wellness. I would put myself in her hands any day for any ailment”

David has a weak immune system

“For all my life I have had a weak immune system. I would normally catch three or four flues per year, spending an average of seven days in bed. Things got worse two years ago when I caught mono, which affected my liver. Since then I would turn jaundice when I got the flu. Eight months ago my father, a patient of Dr. Wang told her about my situation and she told me to start drinking a small amount of Ning twice daily. After drinking the Ning I remained healthy and didn’t catch any flues while people living with me suffered through yet another bad flu season.

David LeGrow

March 22, 2002

Acupuncture to treat Heel spurs

I was sent to Dr. Shengli Wang M.D (c) N.D Dr. AC by my family doctor. Over the past two years I have much pain, with spurs following aches and tears in ligaments. I could not take pain pills because it caused upset stomach and nausea. I have found relief with acupuncture over the passed two months under the wonderful care of Dr. S. Wang and Natural Healing Centre.

Noreen Jackman

April 20, 2005