Auricular Acupressure works on acupuncture points located in the outer ear. According to Traditional Chinese Acupuncture the ear contains acupuncture points pertaining to many important parts of the body.

Auricular Acupressure treatment involves the placing of tiny beads onto the outer ear at acupuncture points related to a particular health complaint. These beads are held in place with an adhesive tape, similar to a small bandage. The beads remain on the ear for several days, during which the client is instructed to press on the beads to stimulate the corresponding acupuncture points.

This therapy is ideal for clients who require regular treatment but are unable to find the time to get to an acupuncturist. This type of therapy is often used for the treatment of addiction and craving as the client can press on the points whenever they feel the desire for the unwanted substance.

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