Scraping Therapy has been traditionally used throughout Asia to treat both internal and external pain and facilitating the resolution of both chronic and acute conditions. In China it is known as Gua Sha; Gua meaning to rub or created friction by scraping, and Sha is the term used to describe the petechiae caused by the congestion of the blood.

Scraping Therapy involves scraping the skin with a dull edged instrument such as a coin, water buffalo horn or soupspoon. This process creates the appearance of small red rash-like spots called petechiae. Scrapping serves to promote circulation and relieve toxin build-up in tissue and organs. The points of stimulation are determined in accordance with the Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis of specific diseases or ailments. Scraping therapy is valuable in the prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal pain, digestive problems, asthma, bronchitis, common cold and flu, as well as many other conditions.


The area to be scraped is first lubricated with oil. The skin is then rubbed with a round-edged instrument in downward strokes. One area is stroked until the petechiae that surface are completely raised. If there is no blood stasis the petechiae will not form and the skin will only turn pink.

The color of the petechiae is both diagnostic and prognostic. Very light colored petechiae can indicate a deficiency in blood flow. If the petechia is fresh red, it is an acute condition. If it is purple or black, the condition is chronic or long standing. Dark red petechiae can indicate heat.

Scraping is a completely safe technique, but it is serious medicine. Knowing when to use it and what to expect from treatment is as important as good technique.

Following the treatment you should make sure that you stay well hydrated. Avoid drugs, alcohol, fasting, feasting and excessive physical activity for the rest of the day. Gentle stretching is beneficial.

Cover the area treated avoiding over exposure to the wind and sun or sudden change in temperature.

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